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Hi! My name is Almira, and Russian is my native language. 
I speak English well, and my English is rather good to explain Russian grammar. I have 6 years of teaching experience, and the main thing I learned from my experience is that there is a process of mutual enrichment of languages, cultures, and traditions. Nowadays, more and more people around the world want to learn Russian for several reasons: because Russia is a strong country with a long history and great culture; because the Russian language is the language of famous Russian writers, including Tolstoy and Dostoevsky; because it is the language of Yuri Gagarin, the first man in the world who flew into space; because the Russian language is one of the seven world languages.
Our lessons are interactive. We will use audio files, video clips, dialogs, and original texts. Our lessons will be interesting and not boring, I promise. And although I have a curriculum for each level, I always take into account the interests, learning-pace, and characteristics of each student.

Свидетельство УЦ МГУ о присвоении квалификации
"Преподаватель курсов русского языка для иностранных учащихся"

Certificate of Moscow State University
"Methods of teaching Russian As a Foreign Language"


Contact me and get started today! 
My number in WhatsApp Messenger is +7-776-446-9044  
My Skype is almira5552



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