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"I have no hesitation in recommending Almira as a teacher. I took lessons over a period of three years and started with knowledge of the language. She started by understanding my objectives and building the course to meet them. She was unfailingly patient and guided me through the basics of the language, focus sing on speaking, understanding and reading. She has a calm but determined approach and is an excellent guide to the Russian language."

John Oliver, September 2016


"I have to say, learning Russian would not have been such an enjoyable experience without Almira being my instructor. She is very professional yet very nice person to deal with. I could easily see the progress I've made day by day, and it was of a great help to me when dealing with the day-to-day activities in a Russian-speaking country. I would strongly recommend Almira for anyone willing to learn Russian."

Ayman Hosny, July, 2016


“I have had the pleasure of working with Almira since 2009 on a regular basis and can firmly attest to Almira’s abilities, efforts and diligence. Almira has always gone above and beyond to ensure that I understand and retain the material we cover in class. Furthermore Almira’s dedication to her job is evident through the amount of time and care she takes in preparing for our classes. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have been taught by Almira. Unlike most teachers, Almira is not simply a ‘hoop-jumper’. She uses her initiative to come up with new – and often more effective – teaching methods. I will forever be grateful to Almira for her support as a teacher and the resulting advances I have made in my understanding of Russian language and culture. I enthusiastically support Almira’s candidacy for any teaching role and am certain that Almira will be successful in whatever are her endeavors.”

Tom, February, 2015


"Almira is a very professional and skilled Russian teacher. Her method is incredibly effective, as you will be able to pick-up basic Russian expression rather quickly and easily, thus allowing you to practice on your own from the very beginning. At the same time, the hands-out of her lessons are designed to provide you with a clear understanding of grammar rules, yet remaining ‘user friendly’ at all times. Also, as Almira is familiar with all social platforms and distance communications tools (Skype, Vibe, etc..) access to lessons is quite easy from everywhere in the world. At last, she is a fun person and I am thankful to her for helping in me in preparing my first public presentation in Russian, after only few months into Russian language."

Matteo Grassani, January, 2014


"Almira is a great teacher who is patient, detailed and kind. She made taking Russian lessons fun. You will learn Russian much faster with her than taking a college course in Russian. Her English is Excellent and her attitude is Priceless!"

Chris Straub, December, 2013


"I began learning Russian as a complete beginner. I wanted to learn Russian in order to travel and explore the wonders of Russia. However, I was daunted by the prospect of learning a language with a different writing system and multiple cases. Luckily, I found Almira. She is extremely patient and since she has also studied a second language herself she can empathize with her student's struggles. She never gets frustrated and her lessons move at the perfect pace. She is a natural teacher with the ability to instil confidence and enthusiasm in her students. Anyone who decides to take her class will not regret the decision and will be speaking Russian fluently and effectively in no time at all."

Mark Holloway, Japan, January, 2013


"To all students who want to speak Russian.

Relocating to a Russian speaking country, I had the problem of learning Russian. I found many teachers present complex grammar rules and get frustrated when students do not comprehend the information quickly. Unfortunately, Russian can be very complex if you don't have right teacher. However, Almira's teaching style is brilliant! Having English as her second language, she understands the sticking points on what students face when learning another language. She presents grammar in a fun way, her lessons are always customized to you, and has amazing patient during your lessons.

If you want to learn Russian quickly and bypass years of frustration, Almira is the teacher you want to work with. Sincerely, and very happy student.

Mitchell R., March, 2012


"We would like to highly recommend Almira Uvalieva as a Russian teacher for foreigners. Almira has a friendly, relaxed teaching style. She is patient at explaining difficult concepts, and she can adjust her teaching to suit the ability of the student. Almira is always willing to be flexible and adapt her lessons to cover topics relevant to the student.”

Ann-Marie and Robert Phillips, March, 2011 


"Almira is flexible enough in her lesson plans to be able to insert areas of particular need or interest into the programme. She will remain on a particular grammatical form or topic until the individual has gained enough understanding of it to start using it, she will then move on returning frequently for review and futher practice until the individual can use that form with some consistency. I have found Almira to be encouraging, affirming and helpful and would therefore have no hesitation in recomending her to others who would wish to learn Russian.”

Sharon Watson, November, 2011


"I always had a very busy schedule but my Russian lessons with Almira felt more like a vacation than work. I now know more Russian than I ever expected to learn in only one year’s time. If you are looking to learn Russian, or just brush up on what you already know I highly recommend Almira. As I have to leave Kazakhstan one of the things most missed in furthering my Russian speaking ability with Almira".

Tom Brown, September, 2010